Why Choose Patient Focused Certification?


    Affiliate Organizations

    Third-party certification ensures that an independent organization has reviewed the cultivation and/or manufacturing process of a product or the  management process of a service in order to determine that the final product complies with a specific set of standards designed to ensure safety, quality, or performance.  PFC certifies compliance with AHPA and AHP standards for medical cannabis products and services.  This review typically includes comprehensive reviews of formulations and materials, independent testing, and facility inspections.  Certified products typically exhibit the certifier’s ‘mark’ on their packaging to help consumers make educated decisions about the products or services they are purchasing.  PFC requires annual inspections, unannounced random inspections, employee training and product testing to ensure that certified companies continue to meet all AHPA standards after the initial certification.  Other nationally recognized certification programs include Good Housekeeping, NSF and ISO.  

    Trusted by Governments and Regulators

    PFC currently holds the first government-issued educational permit from the District of Columbia to provide the required staff trainings for the District’s legal medical cannabis providers.  Additionally, PFC has been awarded a contract with the State of Maryland to train all compliance inspectors for the State’s medical cannabis program. 

    We are focused on implementing industry best practices to ensure Maryland’s medical cannabis compliance inspectors are the best trained in the nation. The rigorous regulatory and clinical oversight called for in the ASA PFC program will ensure the safety, security and quality of the medicine being grown, processed, inspected and delivered in our state.

    – Hannah Byron, Executive Director of the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

    How We Help

    Regulators and Government Officials

    PFC offers regulators a third-party auditing option to ensure that licensed business are meeting standards required under regulations. The PFC program is overseen by a Peer Review Board that has over 300 years of collective expertise in USDA food & product safety protocols; federal regulatory development and medical cannabis research, pharmacology, biochemistry, and industry practices.

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    How We Protect

    Medical Cannabis Patients and Consumers

    Choose your medicine with confidence. With the PFC seal you can be assured that your medicine was prepared in a safe facility, by well-trained professionals, and backed by the standards of the AHPA guidelines and the AHP Monograph. PFC operates an independent hotline that provides patients and/or consumers the means to report a concern, complaint, or adverse event relating to a service or product.

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    How We Ensure

    Medical Practitioners

    With thousands of options to choose from, patients have questions when it comes to the quality of their medicine. To help your patients choose their medicine with confidence, recommend that they look for PFC Verified products. The PFC seal provides peace of mind that products successfully meet the program’s strict criteria— standards of quality, purity, potency, performance and consistency.

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    How We Work

    Industry Professionals

    Become an industry leader in product safety. Let PFC help you avoid costly mistakes & protect your business. PFC ensures your business maintains ongoing compliance with state & local regulations by providing services & trainings that meet regulatory requirements! Gain the advantage over competition by offering products & services that patients can trust, while boosting credibility with regulators & law enforcement.

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