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    Why Patients and Caregivers Choose CCC

    Welcome to Cannabis Care Certification!  Americans for Safe Access Foundation (ASA) and The Answer Page, Inc. (TheAnswerPage.com) have come together to create the Cannabis Care Certification (CCC) Patient Education Program to provide unbiased quality education for individuals who are starting or considering cannabis therapeutics as a part of their healthcare regime. The program also provides guidance for family members, caregivers, and anyone interested in exploring medical cannabis.

    Medical cannabis treatments are presently being utilized by millions of Americans and it is now a legal option for individuals in a majority of states. Similar to any medical therapy, it is important that patients and their medical professionals have a thorough understanding of when cannabis is an appropriate option, as well as the treatment effects, the best practices, and the legal landscape for medical cannabis. Medical cannabis differs from prescription medications in important ways:

    • Patients’ rights and responsibilities vary from state to state.
    • Medical cannabis is not a prescription drug regulated by the FDA that is available in pharmacies.
    • Successful use of herbal medicines, including cannabis, requires active patient engagement, awareness, and feedback.
    • Cannabis interacts with a unique regulatory system in your body called the “endocannabinoid system.”

    The CCC program features online educational tools in a structured, easy to use learning environment. These tools include up-to-date, reliable information on state-by-state patient and caregiver qualifications and requirements to participate in medical cannabis programs as well as a 2-hour education course that reviews dosage and titration, understanding labeling, transporting your medicine safely, and more. Participants will also receive updates on medical cannabis research, education, and changes in regulations and laws.

    How it works:

    Step 1: Inform: Sign–up and receive a FREE legal overview and a list of requirements for your state Medical Cannabis Program

    Step 2: Enroll: in CCC Patient Education Program

    Step 3: Learn: Complete Education Program

    Step 4: Earn: Receive CCC Patient and Caregivers Certificate

    1. The Endocannabinoid System – This section explains how cannabis interacts with the human body to provide a wide range of therapeutic benefits. The Endocannabinoid System was not discovered until 1994, and scientists are still unlocking its secrets.

    2. Cannabis 101 – Learn the basics of the cannabis plant, preparations, side effects, and much more. This section has information that every patient needs to know and understand.

    3. Cannabis Research and Clinical Data – The field of medical cannabis research is advancing rapidly. This section explores use of medical cannabis to treat various disease states and manage many of the symptoms associated with these disease states.

    4. Cannabis-Based Medicines – Pharmaceutical companies are using whole cannabis and compounds found in cannabis to create conventional medicines. This section discusses cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, their use, availability, and reported patient experience.

    5. Choosing Your Medicine: Potency, Delivery Methods, and Dosage – This section addresses the techniques you can use to find the best cannabis-based medicine and dose for you. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the selection and dosing of herbal medicine is based, in part, on trial and error and user feedback. Metabolism, prior exposure, variation in composition, and route of administration all play a role in finding the best medicine and dose.

    6. Obtaining Medicine – This section addresses how to individualize choice of medicine, where to obtain medicine, and what rights and expectations one should have as a medical cannabis consumer.

    7. Safely Using, Storing and Transporting Medical Cannabis – The way in which one stores and handles the medical cannabis affects the potency and overall quality of the medication. This section shows strategies for protecting medicine from damage or deterioration. This section also explains how to interpret information on labels and provides basic safety information.

    8. Medical Cannabis in Your Life – This section suggests strategies for talking to your doctor, loved ones, employer, and others about legal medical cannabis use.

    9. History of Medical Cannabis – This section provides an important historical perspective on the scientific, legal, and political landscape for medical cannabis in the United States. Find out where we are now and how we got here.

    You can view the whole course at once or in several sittings. The course is interactive and includes quizzes throughout to help you retain the information. These are not tests but learning tools. Once you have completed the entire course, we will send via email your Cannabis Care Certification endorsed by the Americans for Safe Access and The Answer Page, Inc.