More than one-third of the US population lives in states with medical cannabis laws and over one million Americans are legally using medical cannabis under the care of a physician. While many states and localities have created regulations to govern the location, size & taxation of these business, they do not, for the most part, address the quality and safety of the products being sold.

    Patients have the right to know how their medicine has been produced, that is free of contaminates and should be confident that the medicine they are receiving has been handled with the highest quality of care.  Patients can now look for the PFC when deciding how to choose their medicine.

    What does the PFC Seal tell you?

    When you see the PFC seal at a distribution center or on a product label, it tells you that the quality of products and services has been verified through the rigorous Patient Focused Certification program.

    When you choose PFC you can be ensured that:

    • The companies staff is well trained
    • Products and services have been tested for contaminates
    • Products and services meet legal requirements as well as AHPA and AHP Standards
    • Companies have recall protocols in place

    How do we verify quality control and care?

    PFC works with companies who voluntarily participate in the program and agree to adhere to the local laws, AHPA and AHP guidelines and standards. PFC verify their compliance through a comprehensive evaluation process.

    How we ensure safety and quality assurance

    • PFC qualified independent auditors perform thorough audits of all facilities
    • All products are tested for contaminates in PFC certified laboratories
    • PFC conducts at least one (1) audit a year to ensure PFC standards are upheld
    • PFC maintains a consumer compliant database in order to follow up with companies for any needed corrective actions
    • Companies will only be allowed to display the PFC seal on products that meet the PFC criteria.

    No PFC companies in your area?

    Download this brochure, take it your medical cannabis provider, and ask that they enroll.