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    PFC staff are always available to help lawmakers and regulatory agencies develop and implement state and local medical cannabis programs through the following services.

    Working with PFC to provide compliance oversight of the medical cannabis industry can help ease the potential knowledge gap between cannabis industry and regulatory agencies, while also easing the financial and staffing burdens of regulators. PFC works directly with regulators and industry trade groups across the country to coordinate the ongoing and evolving development of medical cannabis industry regulations and standards. PFC provides regulators with access to some of the industry’s best technical experts, delivering consistent services with the highest levels of integrity, while providing patients, health care providers, and regulators confidence that the program’s participants meet the highest levels of product safety and quality available.

    Trusted by Governments and Regulators

    PFC currently holds the first government-issued educational permit from the District of Columbia to provide the required staff trainings for the District’s legal medical cannabis providers.  Additionally, PFC has been awarded a contract with the State of Maryland to train all compliance inspectors for the State’s medical cannabis program. 

    We are focused on implementing industry best practices to ensure Maryland’s medical cannabis compliance inspectors are the best trained in the nation. The rigorous regulatory and clinical oversight called for in the ASA PFC program will ensure the safety, security and quality of the medicine being grown, processed, inspected and delivered in our state.

    – Hannah Byron, Executive Director of the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

    PFC Services Available to Government & Regulations

    PFC’s comprehensive training program can be utilized in a multitude of ways, from assisting regulators in the training of regulatory staff and state inspectors to providing consistent and reliable educational programs mandated by state regulators for staff working in the medical cannabis industry.

    This in-depth training opportunity is designed to not only educate attendees on compliance with the AHPA and AHP guidelines but also provides comprehensive training on handling practices, implementable product recall protocols, adverse impact recording, security guidance, and best practices for industry operations.

    All PFC independent auditors are required to successfully complete state and discipline specific training prior to approval to audit for the PFC program. PFC’s compliance and auditor training is available to fulfill many opportunities beyond that of training PFC independent auditors. This training experience is offered as a valuable tool to government and regulators, providing an opportunity for regulatory agencies to train department auditors in the specifics necessary to audit cannabis operations in a thorough and knowledgeable manner. Additionally, PFC independent auditors can be made available to assist government and regulatory agencies by fulfilling the audit requirements of the State and regulating agency.

    PFC’s Certified Instructor Training program has trained and certified instructors in California, Nevada, Illinois, Florida, and the District of Columbia who are available to offer PFC trainings on a national level. By working with the PFC Certified Instructor Training program, state governments and regulators, now have the opportunity to bridge the regulatory to industry knowledge gap but also the added confidence of knowing that all training programs required by law meet or exceed state requirements and are conducted in a consistent and professional manner.

    Program Guide

    Download our Regulators program guide to learn more about our programs and services.